Information Technology

Website & Web Application Development, Computer Networking, CCTV & Intercom Installation or Database Design & Management.

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Events Management

Wedding Planning, Awards/Gala Night, Festival/Carnival, Beauty Pageantry.

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EIBS consults on the following: Information and Communication Technology, Customer Relation/Management, Project Management, Financial Management

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Why Choose Us

Just three reasons for you, which are our core values:


It's not just in word, but in action. What we tell you is what we do, no room for demeaning compromise.


It's the only way of life we are accustomed to. For us, excellence is a culture, a habit and all we live on.


Life is too short to get involved in petty things. We are committed to strong ethical principles, value addition, elevated and edifying thought processes.

The company's vision is to edify life of individuals and the business of organizations using revolutionary ideas and platforms in Information Technology, Communications, Engineering, Entertainment and Creativity.

We do these by using a highly organised, thought-provoking strategies, to guarantee an unmatched customer service excellence.

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What We Offer

Quality customer service is all we can offer you. Is there anything comparable to value for your money?

Web Design

We have a team of website developers to give a professional touch to your personal and business websites, blogsite, social sites, and ecommerce sites.

Web Application Development

Do you need a web application for management purposes in your organisation? Contact us for all your web applications: Hotel Management, Sales Records, School Management Portal, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Hospital Management Portal . Our web app can be configured to work offline to achieve same desired purpose.

Online Marketing

We undertake strategic online marketing and sales for our clients, through our platforms and third party platforms

Products Promotion

We serve as representatives of different manufacturing and servicing companies, selling and promoting their products and services respectively via online platforms and during our seminars and other public functions.

Social Network

We increase the presence of our clients in the social networks through strategic social media promotion. Don't be left out


NewMarketPlace-NMP is an online version of modern market where buyers and sellers of goods and services meet for daily transaction.

It has many plazas which you can chose from and show case your business services and products.

Check it out today and get registered


Sales & Business Manager (SBM) platform, is the best web application for managing your business. With SBM, your business stock and financial analysis are just clicks away! .

Some features of SBM-Platform include:
»Alerts you when ever a product is below a set limit
»Connect all your Business Branches
»Robust Customer Database System
»Daily Accurate Sales Recording
»Bulk E-mail to Customers
»Bulk SMS to Customers
»Accurate Stock Analysis
»Accurate Financial Analysis
»Automated Billing and Invoicing System

Give it a trial today: