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About EIBS - Emerging Ideas Business Services

Emerging Ideas Business Services (EIBS) is an ICT and Events Management and Consulting organization. EIBS is a fast growing company, fully and validly registered with the appropriate regulatory bodies including the Corporate Affairs Commission (Registration Number: BN2359225).

The company's vision is to edify life of individuals and the business of organizations using revolutionary ideas and platforms in Information Technology, Communications, Engineering, Entertainment and Creativity.

Our core areas of specialization/services include:

ICT: website development, mobile application development, blog site development, social site development, Computer Based Testing (CBT) development, online & offline portal development for companies and organizations, creation/management of social media accounts for optimal online presence, surveillance camera services, intercommunication services, computer networking, database design/management and inverters and solar electrification services.

Trainings: We conduct trainings for individuals, groups and business organizations on all the above mentioned information and communication technology services.

Brand Promotion: We serve as representatives of different manufacturing and servicing companies, selling and promoting their products and services respectively via online platforms and during our seminars and other public functions.

Events Management: We undertake the planning and execution of various kinds of events which include; birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, award/gala nights, pageantry and carnivals/festivals.

General Merchandise: We sell, supply and distribute all ICT equipments, ranging from Desktop and Laptop Computers, Surveillance Cameras, Solar Electrification Materials, to Intercom Gadgets. Contact us today for quality products.

Our Values:
Integrity - it's not just in word, but in action. What we tell you is what we do, no room for demeaning compromise.
Excellence - it's the only way of life we are accustomed to. For us, excellence is a culture, a habit and all we live on.
Professionalism - life is too short to get involved in petty things. We are committed to strong ethical principles, value addition, elevated and edifying thought processes.