Digital Platform Business

5-May-2018 04:16:10 pm

Ways of doing business have changed in the last few years, with the emergence of Digital Platform. T ...

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Digital Platform Business

Tue. 28, Feb, 2017. 12:30:17 pm

Ways of doing business have changed in the last few years, with the advent of Digital Platform. Ther ...

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Season's Greetings

Sun. 25, Dec, 2016. 03:58:07 pm

Merry Christmas Happy Christmas Day to You Compliments of the season. From all of us @EIBS Ni ...

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Fri. 12, Aug, 2016. 07:04:21 pm

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) If the main goal or objective of any business is to satisfy ...

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Investing in ICT infrastructures and platforms

Fri. 15, Apr, 2016. 05:18:27 pm

It may sound weird, but also true that many businesses or institutions do not have a robust/standard ...

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Wedding Planning - Destination Wedding

Fri. 1, Apr, 2016. 10:21:12 am

How much does it really cost to put together a 'modest' or 'moderate' wedding? Probably a million (N ...

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Easter Message (2016)

Sun. 27, Mar, 2016. 11:16:19 am

GOD, MAN, LOVE and LIGHT The mystery of creation: God created the universe, the world and everythi ...

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Wedding Planning - The Dresses

Thu. 10, Mar, 2016. 07:34:25 am

Trendy, fashion maniac? In any case, fashion and style are synonymous with events; a wedding is one ...

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Wedding Planning - Beauty and Makeup

Tue. 1, Mar, 2016. 10:01:46 am

The subject of makeup and its constituents shall be thoroughly dealt with under Beauty and Makeup SE ...

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Wedding Planning - The Souvenir

Thu. 25, Feb, 2016. 09:43:52 am

Just like its name-which depicts an item of sentimental value, to remember an event or a location. S ...

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