Digital Platform Business
Tue. 28, Feb, 2017. 12:30:17 pm | ICT
Ways of doing business have changed in the last few years, with the advent of Digital Platform. There's now a shift from supply economy of scale to demand economy of........ **Read**

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Season's Greetings
Sun. 25, Dec, 2016. 03:58:07 pm | Events
Merry Christmas
Happy Christmas Day to You
Compliments of the season.

From all of us @EIBS Nigeria
Ideas in Motion! ........ **Read**

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The reason rich people keep on working
Sat. 10, Dec, 2016. 08:18:58 am | News
When Keith, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, worked at a
technology company that went public, he became rich
overnight. He was sure he’d never need to work again.
His pay-out from the initial public........ **Read**

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Some Surveillance Equipment Catalogue
Thu. 29, Sep, 2016. 03:10:29 pm | News
Many of the systems being offered for sale to law
enforcement agencies across the US, and around the world,
were developed by defence giants for use on the battlefields
of Iraq and Afghanistan......... **Read**

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Fri. 12, Aug, 2016. 07:04:21 pm | ICT
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
If the main goal or objective of any business is to satisfy a need or to provide a solution to a problem, and by extension -........ **Read**

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