five signs you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur
Wed. 27, Apr, 2016. 02:43:20 pm | News
You have an epic idea. Now what? The real challenge for any entrepreneur isn’t getting started. It’s staying in business. Yes, you can be successful as an entrepreneur but it........ **Read**

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Application Performance Management
Wed. 20, Apr, 2016. 03:26:14 pm | News
An intro to Application monitoring
and application performance
management (APM)

Today’s cloud based applications are highly dynamic and
span many servers and dependent services. Supporting
them requires access and correlating details across multiple
sources and tools......... **Read**

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Investing in ICT infrastructures and platforms
Fri. 15, Apr, 2016. 05:18:27 pm | ICT
It may sound weird, but also true that many businesses or institutions do not have a robust/standard ICT development frameworks in the organisations' growth and development plans. To some, having........ **Read**

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Message of Appreciation - Groom
Fri. 8, Apr, 2016. 07:53:33 pm | Events
A two minutes speech to thank and appreciate those who honoured the invitation to your wedding could end up giving the guests something to think about. Not everyone is trained........ **Read**

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Apple at 40: The forgotten founder who gave it all away
Fri. 1, Apr, 2016. 01:38:26 pm | News
Apple has just turned 40 years old - a timely reason to track down a man who helped start the firm and then walked away.
Drive out of Las Vegas for........ **Read**

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