Wedding Planning - The Ring

Mon. 18, Jan, 2016. 09:37:20 am, By: Admin

What is in a ring? How meaningful and symbolic is it? Does it have an element of mystery and uncommo ...

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Wedding Planning - Colour Selections

Thu. 14, Jan, 2016. 09:06:43 am, By: Admin

Rainbow colours? What is in a colour? Maybe few things, but at the same time, countless and unending ...

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Wedding Planning - Choosing the outfits(female)

Mon. 11, Jan, 2016. 10:03:33 am, By: Admin

Wedding gown? Sure. White? Maybe or maybe not. Of course we are very much used to wedding gown, an ...

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Wedding Planning - Choosing the outfits (Male)

Mon. 4, Jan, 2016. 10:55:23 am, By: Admin

Suit and tie? Maybe. But these days, it goes beyond picking up a suit (any colour) with perhaps, a ...

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Fri. 25, Dec, 2015. 11:35:40 am, By: Admin

It's a Christmas celebration, when commemoration of birth of Jesus Christ reverberates in all corner ...

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Wedding Planning - Choosing a Venue

Mon. 21, Dec, 2015. 09:25:41 am, By: Admin

Just like choosing a date, this is one of the most important first steps in wedding preparations. ...

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