Introduction to PHP
Sun. 20, Dec, 2015. 08:17:51 pm | PHP
PHP is a programming language best for Web application development. PHP initially was known as personal home page but latter changed to preprocessor.

PHP is easy to learn as it does........ **Read**

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Wedding Planning - Choosing a Date
Thu. 17, Dec, 2015. 08:48:55 am | Events

Wedding date, yes wedding date. Sounds very simple? Maybe or maybe not. But the success or failure of any event, in most cases has something to do with deadlines or........ **Read**

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Welcome Note
Fri. 11, Dec, 2015. 10:49:54 am | ICT
You are welcome to the ICT Section of the blog. Here, everything relating to ICT, from engineering and technology point of view, to trends and implemention methods will be dealt........ **Read**

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Introductory Message
Thu. 10, Dec, 2015. 04:58:29 pm | Events
Welcome to our blogpost. This section tells you all you need to know about event planning and management.
Join us!........ **Read**

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