Season's Greetings
Sun. 25, Dec, 2016. 03:58:07 pm
Merry Christmas
Happy Christmas Day to You
Compliments of the season.

From all of us @EIBS Nigeria
Ideas in Motion! ........ **Read**

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Message of Appreciation - Groom
Fri. 8, Apr, 2016. 07:53:33 pm
A two minutes speech to thank and appreciate those who honoured the invitation to your wedding could end up giving the guests something to think about. Not everyone is trained........ **Read**

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Wedding Planning - Destination Wedding
Fri. 1, Apr, 2016. 10:21:12 am
How much does it really cost to put together a 'modest' or 'moderate' wedding? Probably a million (Naira) plus, depending on the location (cost of venue), or even more if........ **Read**

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Wedding Planning - The Dresses
Thu. 10, Mar, 2016. 07:34:25 am
Trendy, fashion maniac? In any case, fashion and style are synonymous with events; a wedding is one of those big events. Those in attendance and the ones watching from afar........ **Read**

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Wedding Planning - Beauty and Makeup
Tue. 1, Mar, 2016. 10:01:46 am
The subject of makeup and its constituents shall be thoroughly dealt with under Beauty and Makeup SERIES. Here, we only give a general view and brief insights with respect to........ **Read**

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