Digital Platform Business
Tue. 28, Feb, 2017. 12:30:17 pm
Ways of doing business have changed in the last few years, with the advent of Digital Platform. There's now a shift from supply economy of scale to demand economy of........ **Read**

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Fri. 12, Aug, 2016. 07:04:21 pm
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
If the main goal or objective of any business is to satisfy a need or to provide a solution to a problem, and by extension -........ **Read**

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Investing in ICT infrastructures and platforms
Fri. 15, Apr, 2016. 05:18:27 pm
It may sound weird, but also true that many businesses or institutions do not have a robust/standard ICT development frameworks in the organisations' growth and development plans. To some, having........ **Read**

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Technical Due Diligence (TDD)- ICT
Fri. 18, Mar, 2016. 08:28:51 am

Due Diligence is the process of systematically researching and verifying the accuracy of a statement. The term originated from the business world, and still very much more popular in financial........ **Read**

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Cyber Cafe Management
Mon. 22, Feb, 2016. 09:48:42 pm
You must have some regulations that customers and employees should obey in order to increase the user experience. One common regulation is to ban smoking in your cyber........ **Read**

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