Web Design

Basic HTML Syntax
Sun. 10, Jan, 2016. 01:25:13 pm
For a web page document to be displayed or visible on the browser, it must contain the following html basic code:

Line No1 < html >
Line No2 < head >
Line No3........ **Read**

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Website Text Editor
Sun. 3, Jan, 2016. 10:37:57 pm
For accuracy, in designing or developing a website, notepad is not used; since it cannot hold many characters accurately and does not help in error indication. Hence, “WYSIWYG” which stands........ **Read**

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Introduction to Website Design
Sun. 3, Jan, 2016. 10:33:37 pm
What is a website? A website is a location connected to the internet that maintains one or more web pages. A web page is a hypertext document accessible via........ **Read**

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