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Wedding Planning - The Drinks
Just like with catering and food, there are categories of guests whose main aim of attending a wedding is for the drinks. In fact, majority of the male guests (of course some ladies too), especially of youthful age belong to these categories. ... Read

Wedding Planning - Catering and Food
An event like wedding means so many things to different people (guests especially). To some, it's about the couples' outfits; some are more interested in the decorations and cakes; some guests just want to see the kind of entertainment (dance) the couple ... Read

Wedding Planning - Bridal Registry
We all love gifts, don't we? Of course we do. A gift brings different kind of feeling and value from what you acquired yourself. But then again, a gift is much more appreciated when it's what the recipient truly desires or is in dire need of; that would ... Read

Wedding Planning - Photography and Videography
A wedding without photos is like a Sunday without Sun. The images are the first and immediate evidence that a wedding took place. The photo session is one the main highlights in a wedding ceremony, you have to make the best of it. But what is really in ... Read

Wedding Planning - Invitation and Printing
Wedding ceremonies are never organised for ghosts to be in attendance, they are for humans (guests) to be in attendance. For the guests to be in attendance, they must be invited. However, why they are invited and how they are to be invited present ... Read

Cyber Cafe Management - Regulations
You must have some regulations that customers and employees should obey in order to increase the user experience. One common regulation is to ban smoking in your cyber cafe. If you allow smoking in or around your cyber cafe, it will surely put off a lot of your customers..... Read

Wedding Planning - The Souvenir
Just like its name-which depicts an item of sentimental value, to remember an event or a location. Simply put, giving someone (a guest in this case) something to remember..... Read

Wedding Planning - Beauty and Makeup
The subject of makeup and its constituents shall be thoroughly dealt with under Beauty and Makeup SERIES. Here, we only give a general view and brief insights.... Read

Wedding Planning - The Dresses
Trendy, fashion maniac? In any case, fashion and style are synonymous with events; a wedding is one of those big events. Those in attendance and the ones watching from afar almost.... Read

Technical Due Diligence - ICT
Due Diligence is the process of systematically researching and verifying the accuracy of a statement. The term originated from the business world, and still very much more popular in... Read

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