Wedding Planning
How often do we hear how difficult it is to plan and organise a wedding? Is it really tedious and complicated as often projected? Or should we say that intending couples overwork themselves where not necessary? With EIBS, the only job you have to do is to tell us whom your guests are; then sit back and relax, everything will be taking care of. From the financial analysis/projection to its implementation, we show you all that is needed, where it is needed and how it is needed. From modest to the super-luxury wedding, we plan and organise highly flexible and dynamic financial and logistic approaches with which additions and subtractions (of the essentials and non essentials) can be made. With us, weddings are more or less so simple like sleeping and waking up, taking your bath and off to your daily routines. EIBS takes care of the "stress". Call Us Today!

Award/Gala Night
Give your valued celebration a touch of class, professionalism and elegance. At EIBS, we plan, implement and organise all kinds of Award/Gala Nights. We take you through all the process and procedures, and also supply all the personnel/professionals needed to take your cherished celebrations beyound your imagination. With our world class consultants and partners, there is nothing to fret or worry about. Everything is under control. Call Us Today!

Is it a community/town, association or group festival/carnival? Just tell us what your people love and enjoy celebrating, we will show you how it can be better organised and celebrated. From the planning to its implementation, we take you on a journey on how great festivals and carnivals are organised world over. Visit Us Today!

Beauty Pageantry
We plan and execute beauty pageantry in its entirety. This includes but not limited to the following: registration, Screening, Camping, Audition, Training/Instructions, Excursions/Picnic, etc. With our partners, we supply you all the consultants and professionals needed to make your pageantry something to remember. Visit Us Today!