Wedding Planning - Choosing A Date

Wedding date, yes wedding date. Sounds very simple? Maybe or maybe not. But the success or failure of any event, in most cases has something to do with deadlines or no deadlines.
Well, just like with every other human endeavour, having no deadline or time frame to achieve a particular goal, goes a long way in determining the final outcome of the set objectives. Wedding date is no exception! There is an eternal complacency inherent in human nature whenever anyone is asked to do something with an unlimited time to produce a result. When there is no deadline, it's difficult to escape from the toga of "there is plenty time to do it, why the rush?" This is why every assignment given has a completion date. It is the same everywhere.
Bringing it to wedding planning, it becomes very imperative that intending couples take the issue of date as one of the most essential things to do first, once there is an agreement to the fact that a wedding must take place. Couples usually get it backward, thinking that you fix a date when everything is ready, no! You pick a date first. With a date in mind, everything else will be geared towards not missing that all important deadline: the wedding day. If in January you have fixed your wedding to be in August 10, every other arrangement, including financing is channelled towards meeting this date. It takes away the unnecessary anxiety and the temptation to shift the date further, which in turn could end up creating more problems than it's meant to solve. You must resist the temptation to shift the wedding date once it is set.
There are some sort of seriousness and commitment attached to any objective with a definite date of completion. You can only give a project the seriousness it deserves if there's a deadline. A wedding is a massive project, once in a lifetime (in many cases). It deserves an untainted and uninterrupted deadline, make it happen! Have you both agreed that a wedding would take place? If yes, pick a date. With commitment to meeting that deadline, every other thing will fall into place.
We will be looking at Choosing a Venue in the next edition. Remain great!

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