Wedding Planning - Choosing A Venue

Just like choosing a date, this is one of the most important first steps in wedding preparations. To some, it's a matter of booking any available space; while some feel it's about any venue close to the place of residence. But it goes beyond these simple and sometimes mundane ideas. A wedding venue must pass both "suitability" and "accessibility" tests, else you end up creating more problems for your guests.
What is the economic sense in booking a five hundred capacity venue when the number of expected guests is hovering around three hundred? How awkward is it to be in a wedding hall with plenty of empty spaces and seats, yet with few guests? Such image doesn't speak good of a properly planned event. It is better to have a fully packed venue, as long as all the invited guests are seated. You start cutting cost by not hiring an "oversized" venue for your wedding, which can also affect the amount you spend on decorations and other logistics. It is always good to put into consideration the number of expected guests before going ahead to choose the appropriate venue for such.
On accessibility: how often have you ended up embarking on an unplanned adventure in the name of attending your friend's wedding? Sometimes it is weird to think about some of the locations chosen for a wedding, in which majority of the guests live very far away from the chosen location. Intending couples must understand that an invitation to a wedding has an unwritten message, which says "come and celebrate with us"; and never "come and feel our frustration". There is need to always look for a more centralised location, thereby reducing the stress level your guests face in order to celebrate with you. Your wedding is not the most appropriate time to "force" your guests to visit your "inaccessible" place of residence. They did not suggest for you to live there, so spare them the "frustration" you are very much used to. Make sure that the venue is very suitable and easily accessible; if not so, anyone who manages to get there won't be thinking about what is going on in the wedding, but rather how to get back home.
Couples have a responsibility to make things a lot easier for their guests. To get a very good, suitable and accessible venue, you must start early and make the necessary enquiries and payments for booking. Booking for venue is never a last minute stuff. You must put venue at the top of your priorities, else it comes down to "let's manage this one". Don't let it get to that level.
Have you chosen a date? Go ahead to book for venue. You can never be wrong! Next we look at Choice of Wedding outfits. Remain spectacular.
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