Wedding Planning - Choosing The Outfits (Females)

Wedding gown? Sure. White? Maybe or maybe not. Of course we are very much used to wedding gown, and the trend is not likely to change; at least for some time to come. But what is actually changing are the meanings, perceptions and our ideas about wedding gown and what it represents. White gowns are predominantly chosen, perhaps for known or unknown reasons. However, just like every other fashion and style, the sort of gown and its colour are beginning to shape concepts and feelings with respect to how we see wedding gowns, and why they should be exceptional in every sense of it.
Stereotyping and "tradition" have really outlived their usefulness in many aspects of our lives. Therefore, it's no longer enough to follow an alleged tradition with respect to gown's colour, style and size. Sometimes you are tempted to ask why both fat and slim ladies still end up wearing bogus wedding gowns? Could it be that they are all "conditioned" to wear them, or that they never take time to find out what fits and suits them better? Again, if white gowns depict purity or innocence, then you will be more tempted to ask how so many of the brides manage to lay their hands on them.
Again, how do some brides end up choosing a gown they can barely walk around in, without feeling awkward and disorientated? Add that to the fact that some gowns even require some "adjustment" right in the middle of the occasion, else another show would unfold before the guests. Nothing can really match keeping it simple, while remaining elegant and classy.
It's obvious that many of Wedding gowns still in use today are better suited for exhibitions in the museums, for future generations to have something to talk about. If white is not your favourite colour, why go for white gown? If white gown can't bring out the best in your skin colour, why go for it? We tend to allow "others" to make personal choices on our behalf; not because we lack the capacity, but rather we never think for ourselves. There are lots of wedding gown colours, styles and sizes out there; with some that are tailored to suit your physique. It is important to look out for what brings out the best in you, not what is already made, with you now being "forced" to conform to it. Your wedding gown should be made to fit you, and not you to fit the wedding gown. You have to feel as light as possible on any gown you wear, not turning yourself to a masquerade in the name of wedding gown.
Keep it simple, choose your favourite colour, let the gown be for you and not you for the gown; then charm your guests with elegance and warm smiles.
Looking for a wedding gown? You know what you want, just go for it.

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