Wedding Planning - Colour Selections

Rainbow colours? What is in a colour? Maybe few things, but at the same time, countless and unending meanings and feelings can come from colour selections. Our contemporary world has gone beyond the idea of just choosing or combining colours that fit in, you must be ready to explain and give a unique meaning to every colour you choose for any event. Just like an artist or a painter, who reaches out to his brush(s), inscribing or drawing an object; which initially might appear "meaningless" to his observers, at the end, he gives a unique meaning to his work. This is how our modern and contemporary couples should think of their colour selections, don't just match, but convey a special message through your colours.
In corporate and social world, some colours depict special meanings, such as:
A red tie (for men) in the corporate world show strength and authority; while females appearing in red gowns convey special feeling of affection and celebratory mood.
The blue colour has a universal appeal, especially the sky and navy blues; which bear semblance to sky and oceans; transmitting love and warm feelings.
Purple is easily identified with royalties, a huge celebration, oozing with class and splendour. It also has a lot of romantic appeal, both in the name and appearance.
Emerald colour gives a unique sense of rarity and preciousness, partly because of what emerald is and also how it is perceived and admired.
White transmits purity, tranquillity and a feeling of wholesomeness. The lists, meanings and feelings are limitless, you can even recreate them all.
Sadly, the art of colour selection has been carried out in many cases without conveying special meanings or feelings.
Couples many a times choose and match colours just for aesthetics, and often times it's left in the hands of the decorators to choose what they deem fit. Wouldn't it be nice if wedding programmes include a session on "colour explanation" by couples? Just imagine how entertaining, refreshing, exciting and superbly romantic their unique ideas and inspirations to that effect would be. It could enliven the occasion more than the often sterile or banal explanations by cake makers in trying to define their work (s). There can never be limitations to creative ideas and bringing something refreshing and exciting to special occasions like a wedding. Be they outfits colour or decorative ones, they must be made to convey something unique and special, they all help in making the occasion a special one.
Colours mean so many things, one of them being that it's one of the few privileges enjoyable to those whose eyes are still intact (blind people earnestly yearn to understand and appreciate colours), optimising and recreating their meanings will certainly serve us better.
Planning to select colours? Sit down, think of what you really want to convey. Then go on to combine these colours in the most unique and fabulous way possible.
EIBS is always at your service, to give greater insights and deeper meanings to your beloved and cherished celebrations. Ideas in Motion!

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