Wedding Planning - Decorations and Cakes

Why decoration and how simple or sophisticated should it be? Will there ever be a limit as to how aesthetic, charming and imposing a wedding hall or arena should be? Can we ever have enough flowers, lightnings, material (textile) combinations and other accessories needed to make a wedding hall more or less look like a mini paradise? Creativity has no boundaries, therefore don't limit yourself to banal stuff, nothing attractive or charming is in it. How sophisticated and beautiful the decoration is convey a special appeal to your guests, don't settle for the less.
A wedding hall or arena should also be in a "celebratory" mood, being in sync with the outfits of the celebrants and the guests alike. You cannot have a massive wedding with the decorations being less than massive, that would send the first signal of a "mismatch" somewhere, it could trigger other reactions. Be they the vehicles, bridal party or the hall, every effort must be made to ensure that everything is in tune with standard of the event in question. There is no limit to imagination and creative design, just set it rolling; the ideas will keep coming. A well decorated venue, beautifully designed and aligned is certainly good for the cameras, you can never have enough of the beautiful and wonderful images it creates. It is also very pleasing to the eyes. Your guests will consciously or unconsciously take a mental note of how beautiful the environment where the occasion is taking place is. Don't give any of your guest the impression from the outset that this wedding is not classy, or it's an uncomfortable one stay longer in. It doesn't cost so much to look good and elegant, it's more about creativity than money. How many flowers should be enough? Just more flowers, no end to it.
As for the Cake, it's an age-long tradition that a wedding must have a cake. Cutting of the cake is also one of highlights of a wedding ceremony. The cake has to be befitting of the occasion. Therefore, just like in colour selections and decorations, the cake must also be designed in a way to convey special feeling and meaning. The taste must be good too, so as not to bring another talking point albeit negatively on what shouldn't be. There are many great cake makers out there, your wedding deserves the best. Don't know how to translate your ideas into reality? Relax, the experts are always around to help you out. EIBS is always available at your service. Ideas in Motion.

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