Wedding Planning - Music Selections and Dance

Pretty nice? Of course majority of us love music, many also enjoy wonderful dance steps. What's your favourite genre? Jazz, blues, rock, hip hop, reggae, highlife, new age, etc (if you can afford a live band that specialises in playing at weddings, great); just name them, the list goes on and on, with different combinations here and there.
To some people, music is life; while to some, it's indispensable. Music can actually change many things, even refocusing your guests' minds from noticing some other imperfections and inadequacies in your wedding venue setup, don't forget to take that advantage. When the tracks are properly selected, procedurally and sequentially followed, depending on how the programme is designed; they are capable of creating a whole new feelings and fantastic atmosphere among others. Get the best from what music offers, it enlivens and "calms" everyone that loves it.
Every stage of the ceremony has certain kind of tracks that are more suitable for it; for instance, depending on beliefs and preferences, jazz may be suitable before the ceremony starts properly, and also as background sound at different intervals. While hip hop may be suitable for some sort of energetic dance at some stage in the ceremony. If you are a lover of music, why allow your DJs (of course live band is more spectacular) to make the selections, instead of you selecting what should be played and how they are to be played? Knowing how to choose is a great 'virtue', not everyone has the capacity to choose correctly what is needed at a particular time. Events can be marred by wrong choice of music selections, don't let that happen. Wedding day is one of the most important days in one's life, it deserves everything that can help make it memorable and evergreen; music is a very important part of it.
Coming to the dance, it's always nice and spectacular to come up with some creative ideas and actions. A special dance by the couple (alone) can be remembered for years to come. All it requires is to take some time out during the wedding preparations, learn some dancing steps, the benefits will outlive the wedding day. Life is a celebration, couples can actually start their life together by learning and showcasing some of these arts, a lot of rewards can come from them. How beautiful and fabulous is it for couples to entertain their guests with a special, well synchronized and highly coordinated dancing steps; sort of a choreographed dance? If nothing else, you have given your guests something spectacular and memorable to go home with. A life as one of the most celebrated couples can actually start from the wedding day, take the advantage of it and become a reference point for others. Just imagine if all the couples can become best dance partners, surely there will be less tension and uncomfortable moments at homes, because it's difficult to dance while you are angry.
From salsa to classic operas, and all other carefully and highly coordinated dance steps, being able to get that across will help keep the bonds stronger. Music and dance do a lot in our lives, give yourselves and your guests those great moments we all want to be part of. A wedding is a special occasion, make the music and dance also special, you deserve the best, go for the best.
Don't know what to play or how to dance? Take your time, get the necessary assistance you need, give it your best shot; you are good to go!
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